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The 5% Mortgage Rate: A Catalyst for Unlocking Housing Supply

Recently, as of July 2023, the housing market has witnessed an unusual phenomenon: a tipping point. Right now, many homeowners are teetering on the edge between deciding to stay put and venturing to sell one’s property. For many homeowners, the magic number helping them determine if they should stay or go is a 5% mortgage rate. According to a recent Zillow survey, a staggering 38% of individuals with a mortgage rate of 5% or more are considering selling their homes. This figure contrasts sharply with the 21% who reported the same but held rates below this crucial 5% threshold.


CONFIDENTIALITY IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO THE SELLER. ALTHOUGH YOU MAY RECOGNIZE THIS POPULAR LOCATION, DO NOT SPEAK TO THE SELLERS OR THEIR EMPLOYEES *** Price: $375,000. Long term established as an S Corp in 1989 / same owner since then, operating, profitable, excellent location, superb condition, quality FFE, amenities include long term favorable…


CORNER LOCATION 34 years in same location. Pizza restaurant for delivery and in house dining and consistently strong sales. Beer and Wine License. Lunch buffet, salad bar, and plenty of parking in the strip mall. It is on a shared lot with anchor tenant Starbucks. Premises: 2800 sq ft


CENTRAL COAST’S WINE COUNTRY The purchase includes an established branded wine label, and wholesale value of inventory for re-sale including bottled product for 2012, 2013, 2014,2015, 2016 barreled product 2017( currently in production), leased facilities including a tasting room (to be built) , 6 acres of producing vineyards, a barrel room, apartment over the tasting…


THREE 2018 1ST PLACE LANDSCAPE BEAUTIFICATION AWARDS The need to beautify commercial and residential properties as places of relaxation and entertainment has long nourished the need for landscapers. Keeping in mind the growing importance of landscaping as an art, science and value proposition suggests that landscape design/construction is now one of the most important domains…


EVERYTHING IN PLACE & READY FOR PROFITS! A modestly priced menu with 60,000 annual customers located in a great location with free parking for over 100 cars at one of the busiest intersections in San Luis Obispo. Serves salads, pasta, pizza, fresh fish, prime meats and home made desserts. Check it out! ABC License: Type…