Vivian Hanover Ventures

Cal Poly University

I’m thrilled to announce my newest endeavor – joining the Cal Poly Arts board! This exciting step marks a fresh chapter in my rich, 30-year journey of serving the diverse and vibrant Central Coast community.
Throughout the years, I’ve been privileged to raise a family amidst the region’s stunning landscapes and dynamic culture, while also contributing to numerous non-profit organizations. Each endeavor has enabled me to weave a tapestry of meaningful relationships and cultivate a strong business reputation grounded in integrity and passion.

Being part of the Cal Poly Arts board feels like a natural progression, a perfect blend of my love for our community and appreciation for the transformative power of the arts. My goal? To drive initiatives that enrich, inspire, and connect, reinforcing the Central Coast’s vibrant cultural fabric.

To all those new to SLO County, I extend a warm welcome! Whether you’re seeking to explore the arts scene, contribute to community initiatives, or simply want to discover exciting opportunities, I invite you to connect. With nearly three decades of experience in this beautiful region, I’m eager to help you uncover all that our community has to offer.

As I embark on this new journey with the Cal Poly Arts board, I remain committed to serving our community with the same fervor that has guided me for the past 30 years. Here’s to the next chapter of creative collaboration and community enrichment!